Marketing activity templates marketing-activity-templates

About templates about-templates

When you create a new marketing activity, the first screen in the wizard asks you to select a type, or template. Templates allow you to pre-configure certain parameters according to your needs. The template may contain a full or partial configuration of the marketing activity. The template management is performed by the functional administrator.

The end user has a simplified interface. When creating a new marketing activity, you just need to select the template you would like to use. There is no need to worry about any technical configurations. This has already been pre-configured by the functional administrator in the template.

For example, in the case of an email template, you can pre-fill the HTML content, the audience, and any other parameter of your delivery: schedule, test profiles, your delivery’s general properties, the advanced parameters, etc. This allows you to save time when creating a new activity.

For each type of marketing activity, one or several out-of-the-box templates are available with minimal configuration. These out-of-the-box templates cannot be modified or deleted.

Templates are available for the following marketing activities:

  • Programs
  • Campaigns
  • Email deliveries
  • SMS deliveries
  • Push notifications
  • Landing pages
  • Workflows
  • Services
  • Import
  • Transactional messages

Creating a new template creating-a-new-template

Message templates can be managed by the functional administrator of the platform, under the Resources > Templates menu. Out-of-the-box templates cannot be modified or deleted. To create a new template, you must duplicate an existing one.

  1. Select an existing template. In our example, we have chosen a Delivery template.

  2. Hover over it with the mouse, then select the Duplicate element option.

  3. Configure any settings you want, just like you would do when creating a new marketing activity from scratch.

Created templates can then be selected by standard user in the first screen of the wizard while creating a marketing activity.

Using a template using-a-template

We are now going to look into how to use a template created in the earlier section.

Creating a marketing activity based on a template is generally carried out by a standard user type profile.
  1. Create a new marketing activity.

  2. In the first screen in the wizard, select the template that you would like to use.

    The marketing activity is pre-configured with the parameters defined in the template.