Define the right audience define-the-right-audience

Targeted population is key: build your lists carefully, test your emails on popular email clients and mobile devices, and ensure that your email lists are up-to-date (with no unknown or obsolete addresses). You can also send proofs that help set up a complete validation cycle.

Learn more about target populations in this section

Target the right audience target-the-right-audience

When you have your content ready, you need to carefully define who will receive your message.

To make your delivery successful, you want to send the most relevant personalized content to the right recipients. Adobe Campaign enables you to build the most accurate target: you can select recipients according to their age, localization, what they bought, if they clicked a link in a previous delivery, etc. With Adobe Campaign, you can also define test profiles, control groups and seed addresses to make sure your target is correct.

Target mappings target-mappings

By default, delivery templates target Profiles. Adobe Campaign offers other target mappings for your deliveries, that you can change based on your needs.

These mappings are presented in this section.

You can also create and use a customized target mapping. For more on this, refer to this section.

External data external-data

You can deliver to recipients who are stored in an external file rather than saved in the database. To do this, design a workflow will load data into your database from a file and create an associated audience. Learn more in this use case. See also Calling a workflow with parameters.

Send to your subscribers send-to-subscribers

To send messages to the subscribers of a newsletter, you can directly target the subscribers to the corresponding information service. Learn more in this section.

Tip - You can create a List audience which targets the subscribers to your newsletter using a workflow. You can then select this audience in a delivery. For more on this, see Creating list audiences.

Proofs, test profiles and control groups proofs-test-control-groups

To test your delivery, use proofs before sending to the main target.
Make sure you select appropriate proof recipients, because they validate the form and the content of the message. The steps for sending proofs are presented in this section.

Learn more about test profiles in this section.

You can use Control groups to measure the impact of your campaigns by excluding a portion of their audience. You will then be able to compare the behavior of the target population which did receive the message with the behavior of contacts which were not targeted. Based on the sending logs, you can also target a control group in future campaigns.

Deduplicate addresses deduplicate-addresses

It is important to avoid having duplicate email addresses, because this can have an impact on your target:

  • The same message can be sent more than once when a target is split.

  • If a recipient unsubscribes after receiving a message, their duplicate profile will still receive future messages.

Deduplicating addresses protects your sending reputation and ensures good quarantine management.

Learn more in this use case.