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Use Adobe Campaign to create and manage newsletters and cross-channel communications, through a set of services: messages are only sent to profiles who subscribed to the service (opt-in). These profiles are identified using a dedicated filter when creating a message.

Subscription mechanisms can be set up to offer your customers a chance to subscribe to these services, notably though emails and landing pages.

Each service comes with:

  • Subscription (opt-in) and Unsubscription (opt-out) mechanisms.
  • Subscription and/or unsubscription confirmation mechanisms.
  • A subscription history.

Subscriptions can also be managed using the Adobe Campaign Standard API. For more on this, refer to the dedicated documentation .

Key steps to set up and manage subscriptions

Follow the steps below to create a subscription mechanism:

  1. Create a service - follow the steps described in this section to create a subscription service
  2. Share the link - learn how to promote and share your service in this page
  3. Monitor subscriptions - discover several ways to monitor subscriptions to your service in this section
  4. Confirm subscriptions - follow this tutorial to send a subscription confirmation message

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