Integrate with Experience Platform - Overview

Learn how share data between Campaign and Experience Cloud.

Hello, and welcome to the Adobe Campaign Experience Platform Integration course. In this introduction video, we’re going to give you an overview of what to expect and what prerequisites you will need to get the most out of this course. The goal of this course is to teach you how to import and export campaign and experience platform data, allowing for communication between the two experience cloud solutions. To do this, I will walk you through the required steps, such as creating a platform schema and empty dataset, uploading data from our campaign delivery logs to the dataset via a source, sending a segment of platform profiles to campaign and importing this segment, as well as providing all the required workflows and assets. You can expect to learn about setting up an Experience Platform destination to export a segment in the form of a CSV, creating Experience Platform data sets and schemas based on the campaign logs data, you wish to import to Platform’s real-time customer profile. Setting up an Experience Platform source to import and map our exported campaign data, importing and downloading data from an Amazon S3 storage bucket to Campaign, and exporting Campaign logs to an S3 bucket via a workflow with additional tips and tricks along the way. To begin this course, you will need the following prerequisites. First you’ll need access to an organization with Adobe Campaign. Next you’ll need an external storage account and its credentials. We recommend using an Amazon S3 or Azure blob storage account. You will also need access to an Adobe Experience Platform organization, and user permissions for sources, destinations, data sets, and schemas.
Additionally, the instance needs to have profiles and a predefined segment for exporting. To learn more about Adobe Experience Platform segments and profiles, visit the Experience Platform documentation on Experience link. With that let’s jump right into the course and begin learning about Campaign and Experience Platform. -

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