Web and Mobile Personalization blueprints

Web and Mobile Personalization addresses the ability to use profile and audience segmentation across multiple applications to personalize and optimize customer experiences. Customer behaviors, demographics, loyalty level, and prior transactions can be leveraged to personalize layouts, call-to-actions, and content.

Experience Cloud Applications
Behavioral Web/Mobile Personalization
  • Personalize based on online behavior and audience data
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (optional)
  • Adobe Analytics (optional)
  • Adobe Audience Manager (optional)
Web/Mobile Personalization with known customer data
  • Complete customer profiles and enhanced segmentation deliver improved personalized experiences.
  • Personalize with offline attributes and events (transactions, reservations, CRM, and loyalty data).
  • Synchronize personalization across web, email, and other known channels.
  • Adobe Target
  • Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • Adobe Analytics or Customer Journey Analytics (optional)
  • Adobe Audience Manager (optional)

Guardrails for Web and Mobile Personalization

For guardrails related to audience and profile activation refer to the profile and segmentation guardrails documentation.

Known customer personalization guardrail diagram

Reference architecture for the Online/Offline Web Personalization Blueprint {modal="regular"}