Tag filters tag

In the Filter Manager, tagging filters allows you to organize them. All users can create tags for filters and apply one or more tags to a filter. However, you can see tags only for those filters that you own or that have been shared with you.

What kinds of tags should you create? Here are some suggestions for useful tags:

  • Tags based on team names, such as Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing.

  • Project tags (analysis tags), such as Entry-page analysis.

  • Category tags: Men’s; geography.

  • Workflow tags: To be approved; Curated for (a specific business unit)

To tag a filter:

  1. In the Filter Manager, mark the checkbox next to the filter you want to tag. The filter management tool bar appears.

  2. Click Tag and either

    • select from existing tags, or

    • enter a new tag name and press Enter.

  3. Click Tag again to tag the filter.

The tag should now appear in the Tags column. (Click the gear icon on the top right to manage your columns.)
You can also filter on tags by going to Filters > Tags.