Edit spreadsheet report feed settings

For basic reports and model accuracy reports only

You can change which report template, Microsoft Excel template, and other parameters are used for a spreadsheet feed.

If you edit the columns in the report template or use a new or updated report template, then you must update the Excel template accordingly and upload it again.
  1. In the main menu, click Search > Insights & Reports > Spreadsheet Feeds.

  2. (Optional) To update the report template or the Excel template used for the spreadsheet feed:

    • (Optional) To use a different or updated report template for the feed, create a new Excel template for the report template.

      You’ll need to upload both the report template and the new Excel file in the next step.

    • (Optional) To simply add custom columns to the Excel template, insert the columns to the right of the columns from the report template, and then save the file as an Excel spreadsheet in .XLSX format. You’ll need to upload the new Excel file in the next step.

  3. Change the spreadsheet feed settings:

    • In the main menu, click Reports > Spreadsheet Feeds.

    • Next to the spreadsheet feed name, click View/edit settings button .

    • In the Edit Spreadsheet Feed dialog, change the spreadsheet feed settings.

    • Click Submit.

    • (Optional) Once the feed’s Update Status is Finished, click XLSX next to the feed, and then open or save the file according to your browser’s normal procedure.

      note note
      If the report template associated with the feed is later deleted, then the feed is also deleted.

      Spreadsheet feeds are automatically refreshed at 08:00 each day in the advertiser’s time zone. If the report template includes addresses for any email recipients, then those addresses receive notifications when the spreadsheet is refreshed.