About spreadsheet report feeds

For basic reports and model accuracy reports only

Spreadsheet feeds provide daily performance data for all basic reports and model accuracy reports in a custom spreadsheet format in Microsoft Excel XLSX. You can set up spreadsheet feeds using specially formatted Excel spreadsheet templates that you create from regular report templates. Each day, the spreadsheet is automatically refreshed at a specified time with new, raw data that is aggregated daily. The raw data populates any columns and graphs that you’ve included in the spreadsheet template. Once a spreadsheet feed file is available, or if the file generation fails, each email recipient in the report template receives notification, based on the user’s configured notification settings for reports.

You can configure the feed to refresh up to the last 90 days of data, and all previous existing data remains, continuing to accumulate.

The Spreadsheets Feeds view lists all spreadsheet feeds that you have created. From this view, you can create spreadsheet feeds, manually refresh a feed, or delete a feed.