About this guide

Information about specific groups of tasks and other information are available in the following help chapters:

  • “Introduction” introduces the main features of Advertising Search, Social, & Commerce.

  • “Getting started” explains the major tasks involved in an advertiser implementation, from setting up for the initial launch to performing ongoing management tasks; and how the user interface is organized.

  • “Common tasks” explains how to configure the various performance data views based on your information needs and preferences, how to manage custom metrics, how to manage label classifications and bidding constraints, and how to perform other common tasks.

  • “Tracking” explains how to set up click and conversion tracking for your ads and keywords.

  • “Campaign management” explains how to set up and manage campaign components for your ad network accounts.

  • “Insights and reports” explains how to generate advertising insights, generate detailed reports and automate report production, create and monitor alerts, view a log of changes made to the advertiser account, and view and apply ad network-generated recommendations for your accounts.

  • “Tools” explains how to change your password, use tools to generate click tracking and conversion tracking tags, upload your conversion metrics to Google Ads and your portfolio objectives to the ad networks for hybrid optimization, upload metrics for tracking campaigns, and replicate your Google Ads campaigns in your Microsoft Advertising accounts.

  • “Administration” explains how to manage advertiser data, including the conversion metrics that are collected and any dates to exclude from portfolio forecasts; sync your conversion metrics from a Google Analytics account; configure various advertiser-level settings; and (some roles) administer user, agency, and advertiser accounts.

Help on optimization, including using portfolios for bidding, is available from the Help menu ( Help menu ) in the upper right of any page within Search, Social, & Commerce.