Sync Adobe audiences

Direct Access client managers and administrators only

Advertisers with an Adobe Advertising-Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Advertising-Adobe Analytics integration only

You can allow Search, Social, & Commerce to pull in metadata, hierarchy data, and unique audience data for all of an advertiser’s or agency’s Adobe audiences into the Campaigns > Audiences views. This information includes data for:

  • Adobe Audience Manager segments

  • Adobe Analytics segments that are published to Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Segments that are created using the Adobe Experience Cloud Audience Library

To be eligible, the advertiser or agency must implement the Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service and provide its organization ID (formerly called IMS Org ID).

The initial sync takes about 24 hours. After that, data is synced in real time, with a one- to two- second delay.

  1. In the main menu, click Search > Admin > Audience Manager Setup.

  2. Enter the unique organization ID for the advertiser’s Adobe Experience Cloud account, and then click Submit.

    If you don’t know the advertiser’s organization ID, look it up in the IMS Org ID field in the advertiser’s settings at Admin > Manage Client.