How to Edit Placements Using Bulk Edit Tools

Learn how to edit the settings for multiple placements at once in DSP.

Hi, my name is Vidya Ranjit. I’m an account manager for Advertising Cloud at Adobe.
In this session, we are going to go through a brief introduction to Adobe Advertising Cloud bulk tools, how to use them, and a quick demo to understand how easy and efficient it is to edit settings on your campaigns.
By the end of the session you should be able to summarize what bulk edit tools are and why they should be used within Adobe Advertising Cloud, describe how bulk edit tools work within the platform, and explain how to use them on the platform. So, what are bulk edit tools in Advertising Cloud? Bulk edit tools option within the platform allow the users to quickly edit the selected placements to make changes on placement targeting settings like Dayparting, audiences, Budget, Max Bid frequency cap, and many others.
Edits can be made to multiple placements at once without needing to click into each placement that the user would like to edit. It helps to save time by updating multiple items in a few clicks. On the right hand side, you can see a complete list of options that can be edited. This list, however, is growing as new product releases are made to add in more options to simplify the placements editing process. Next, let’s go through how to use them to edit your placements. On the screen, you can see a quick screenshot of the tool. You may select the placements that you want to edit, like so, and click on the edit option appearing below at the footer. In this example, let’s say we are trying to edit the Max Bid. So, we select Max Bid from the given list and say we override it to any new bidding price.
Let’s go through a quick demo in the Ad Cloud UI.
For this session, we are going use the demo account and I’m going click into the active campaign in this account. So, the first one is the live campaign. So, let’s click on this.
It’ll take me to the packages tab.
Here we have four different packages, and you have details all across them.
Let’s say we want to make changes to the branding package.
Once we click into the package, we see there are two different placements which are both the same placement type.
You are seeing that the max bid at around $9 for both of them.
Let’s look into the placement and see what more edits can we make.
Say, for example, we want to add in a new pre-bid filter.
I’ll go to the placements tab, click on both the placements available here. It will show me exactly the number of placements that are selected. You can hit on edit.
This will open up the bulk edit options for you.
From here, you can make different bulk edits to your placement. You can include or exclude audience segments, as well as make any changes to the block listing, or any changes to the Dayparting.
Here for example, we want to include a pre-bid filter.
That gives you two different options, either you can clear any kind of pre-bid filters that you already have on the placement. In this case, we don’t have any pre-bid filter. So, we’ll just click on override, and mention the pre-bid filter that we would want to add.
Here, I’d go to add filter, and maybe we’ll want to include a completion rate of above, say, 60% threshold.
I’ll hit save here, and this will automatically get saved to both the placements. Once I hit submit, your task is done.
The UI shows you exactly that your edits are in progress.
Let’s wait for a few seconds for the green light.
You can also see the status of the bulk edit that you have made with says two out of two placements are updated and your job is completed.
Let’s look into the placements and check if the change has actually been made.
We’re opening up both the placements, and here you can see the pre-bid filter.
This is the second placement, and here is the pre-bid filter. Bulk edit options are an easy and an efficient way of making multiple changes at the same time.
So, at the end of the session, we were able to summarize what the bulked tools are, and how they can be used in the platform on Adobe Advertising Cloud. Thank you. -