Create an advanced proof with a Basic workflow

With a basic workflow, you can several reviewers to a proof, but they are not organized into stages. All of the reviewers you add can access the proof immediately after you create it.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*

Current plan: Pro or Higher


Legacy plan: Select or Higher

For more information about proofing access with the different plans, see Access to proofing functionality in Workfront.

Adobe Workfront license*

Current plan: Work or Plan

Legacy plan: Any (You must have proofing enabled for the user)

Proof Permission Profile Manager or higher
Access level configurations*

Edit access to Documents

Note: If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information on how a Workfront administrator can modify your access level, see Create or modify custom access levels.

*To find out what plan, role, or Proof Permission Profile you have, contact your Workfront or Workfront Proof administrator.

Create an advanced proof with a Basic workflow

  1. Go to the project, task, or issue where you want the proof, then click the Documents tab.

  2. Click Add new > Proof, upload the content, then work through the sections listed below.


    Hover over an existing document, then click the Create Proof > Advanced Proof and work through the sections listed below.

Configure the workflow and add reviewers

  1. In the Workflow type section, choose Basic.

  2. Specify the users you want to add, then choose a Proof role.

  3. The following table lists each role and the rights associated with it.


    View a proof

    Add markups

    Add comments

    Edit own comments if there are no replies

    Make a decision

    Delete comments made by others

    Resolve comments Apply Actions to Comments

    Edit the proof

    Share the proof with others Create new version

    View approval requests in the Home area

    Add new reviewers

    Read Only
























    Reviewer & Approver











  4. Users on new Workfront plans can grant author or moderator roles to any users in the system. Users on legacy plans can grant author or moderator roles to any user with a proof license in the system.

  5. (Optional) With the drop-down menu still open, select any additional permissions available at the bottom of the menu:

    Resolve comments and apply actions

    Allows the Workfront user to do the following:

    Share proof by tagging

    Allows the reviewer to add any Workfront user to the proof as explained in Tag users to share a proof.


    If these two options are unavailable (dimmed), the user already has a permission profile that allows resolving comments, applying actions to comments, and tagging any user.

    If the options do not display, the person you added is not a Workfront license holder.

  6. Repeat steps 1-3 for any other users you have added to the proof.

  7. For each user you are sharing with, in the Email alerts drop-down list, select the type of email alerts this user receives when people make comments and decisions on the proof:

    All activity Workfront sends an email to the reviewer every time there is any activity on the proof, such as a new comment, reply, or decision.

    This is a great option for the person who is managing the proofing process because it allows them to see the activity as it happens.

    Users do not receive an email alert about their own activity.

    Replies to my comments An email is sent to the reviewer only if someone replies explicitly to their comment (this excludes their own replies on their own comments). This means that if somebody on the proof makes a new comment, the reviewer is not notified.

    This setting is recommended for your clients on the proof so that they are not notified of any other comments on the proof, and are notified only of replies to their own comments.

    Although reviewers with this email alert setting are not notified of other new comments, they can still view all comments on the proof in the proofing viewer.

    For information about comments, see View and reply to proof comments.

    Decisions Workfront sends an email to the reviewer only when someone makes a decision.

    This can be useful for the person who is managing the approval process (such as a project manager) and needs to monitor progress on the proof and see which users have made their decision.

    You are not notified of your own decision unless you select an email confirmation option when submitting your decision.

    Final decision Workfront sends an email when the last approver on the proof has made their decision.

    This alert is often used by the designer, who does not usually need to take part in the actual review discussion. When the final decision is made, the designer is notified and can then take action on any necessary changes.

    This alert can also be useful for a department leader who needs to be notified only when the review process is finished.

    Hourly Summary Workfront sends an email to the reviewer every hour with a summary of all the comments, replies, and decisions that have occurred in the hour.

    The email is sent only when activity besides your own occurs within the past hour.

    This alert is a good way of seeing an overview of the project.

    An example use case for this summary is a senior reviewer who needs an overview of the project but does not need to be notified immediately of all activity on the proof.

    Daily Summary Workfront sends one email with all comments, replies, and decisions listed only on days when there is activity besides your own.

    This alert is a good way of seeing a summary of the project without being overwhelmed with multiple updates throughout the day.

    An example use case for this summary is a department leader who wants to monitor the overall progress of the project.

    For more information, see Manage notifications for proof comments and decisions.

    No email Workfront does not send any email alerts.
    This is useful for a person who is added to a proof only for reference purposes and does not need to be notified of any changes.

    The system default is Daily summary (also seen as Not Set). If you or your reviewers do not make any other changes, all your proofs have this setting.

  8. Continue with Configure email settings for the proof below.

Configure email settings for the proof

  1. In the Email notification section, select whether to send email notifications and a custom message to the users you selected in Create an advanced proof with a Basic workflow earlier in this article:

    Notify recipients about this proof Select this option to send an email notification to users. When Basic sharing is selected in the Workflow section, an email notification is sent when the proof is created. When Automated workflow is selected in the Workflow section, an email notification is sent when the proof enters the stage of the Automated Workflow that the user is associated with.
    Add custom message Select this option to include a custom message in the notification. You can specify a subject and message body. The message body can include rich text formatting, such as bold, bullets, and hyperlinks.
  2. Continue with Configure proof settings below.

Configure proof settings

  1. In the Proof settings section, select any of the following options:

    Require login - proof can only be shared with other users When this option is disabled (default), anyone with the URL is able to view the proof.
    When this option is selected:
    • Only Workfront Proof users are able to view the proof.
    • Users cannot sign in to the proof unless they have been added to the proof.
    • Subscriptions cannot be enabled.
    Only one decision required for this proof When this option is selected, the review is completed after one of the decision makers makes their decision.
    This option is disabled by default.
    Require decisions to be electronically signed Users are required to specify their user name and password at the time that they make a decision on a proof.
    Lock proof when all required decisions are made When this setting is enabled, the proof state is locked after all decisions have been made. The state is automatically changed from unlocked to locked when the final approver makes their decision.
    This option is disabled by default.
    Download original file When this option is selected, reviewers are able to download the original file from which the proof was created.
    When this option is deselected, the Download icon is no longer visible.
    This option is enabled by default.
    Share proof via public URL or embed code When this option is selected, the proof can be shared via a public URL or embed code.
    Subscribe to proof via public URL or embed code When this option is selected, people who have not been added explicitly to the proof can subscribe to the proof. The person subscribing to the proof is granted the role and email that you define in the following settings:
    • Subscriber role: The default proof role that is assigned to all reviewers that subscribe to the proof. 
    • Email alert settings for subscribers: The default email alert that is assigned to all reviewers that subscribe to the proof.

    • Proof access via email link required for: Configure whether the subscriber receives an email with a link to the proof. You can select No email (email link is not required to access the proof), Proof notification email only (subscriber receives a link to the proof via email without any verification), or Validation and proof notification emails (subscriber receives a link to the proof via email and must click the link to access a proof, the purpose of this option is to ensure that the person has entered a correct email address to which they have access).

    Note:  If the proofs have Automated Workflow attached all subscriptions will generate confirmation emails to the proof Owners, so they could decide which stage the person should be added to.

  2. Click Create Proof.

    Workfront begins generating a proof of the selected documents or websites. Depending on the file size and type, the lag time on a document upload can vary. Be patient as bigger files take longer to generate. You can navigate away from the page and Workfront continues to generate your file. The maximum file upload size is 4GB.

  3. After the proof is generated, click Open proof to launch the proofing viewer.

    Users who do not have proofing enabled on their account are still able to view the document and make comments to the proof.

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