New commenting experience

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview environment.

An update to the commenting experience in Adobe Workfront is currently in development. This update includes a new interface, new features, and improved performance in the Updates section of select objects.

The new commenting experience will slowly become available for all the objects with an Updates section in Workfront, and later it will expand to other Adobe Experience Cloud applications.


The new commenting experience includes improvements and changes to the existing update stream.

Among the improvements included in the new commenting experience are the following:

  • Improved performance and user experience
  • Separation of user comments from the system activity updates.
  • Real-time indicator when new comments are added to an object
  • Editing comments after submitting them.

The following features have been removed from the new experience:

  • Comment on a system update.

The following table illustrates the features that will be available in the new commenting experience as well as their availability in areas where they are supported:

Feature Exists in old commenting experience Exists in Beta version of the new commenting experience Will be introduced in the new commenting experience When will be introduced in the new commenting experience In research
Create/read/reply/delete comments
Rich text (excludes quoting and emojis)
Rich text (quoting and emojis) Q2, 2023
React to comments (Like)
Attach images to comments
Tag people in comments
Remove people from the thread
Comments that are private to a company
Undo posting of a comment Replaced with edit comment
Turn off system updates Replaced with the Activity tab
Edit comments
Saving comment drafts when navigating away from the page
See new comments in real time (includes seeing when a comment is deleted)
Log time
Edit custom form
Ability to edit status, condition, commit date while commenting
Copy thread link Replaced with Copy link Q2, 2023
Copy comment link Replaced with Copy link
Quote comment text Q2, 2023
Copy body text
Resolve comments Q3, 2023
Search in comments Q3, 2023
Reply to system updates

New commenting beta experience release activity

For information about the features recently released, see New commenting beta exprience release activity.

Locate the new commenting experience

The new commenting experience is currently supported for the following objects, when viewing the Updates section in the following versions of Workfront:

  • When enabling the Beta experience in the Updates section:

    • Issues, projects, tasks, and documents

    For more information about managing updates for Workfront objects, see Update work.

  • By default, as the main commenting experience:

    • Goals

    You must have an additional license to Adobe Workfront Goals to be able to access this area of Workfront. For more information, see Requirements to use Workfront Goals.

    For more information about managing updates for goals, see Manage goal comments in Adobe Workfront Goals.

To enable the new commenting experience Beta:

  1. Go to an object that you want to activate the new commenting experience for, then click Updates in the left panel.

  2. Enable the Commenting Beta toggle in the upper-right corner of the Updates area.

  3. Click Agree in the Beta agreement box. This enables the new commenting experience for the selected object.

  4. Start typing an update in the Comments tab. The Comments tab should be the default tab when the new experience opens


    Click the System Activity tab to view the activity updates generated by Workfront.

    For more information about updating objects in the new commenting experience, see Update work.

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