Platform-based administration differences (Adobe Workfront/Adobe Business Platform)

Last update: 2023-01-31
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If your organization has been onboarded to the Adobe Business Platform, your users use the Adobe Business Platform to access Adobe Workfront. This means that:

  • User management is largely done through the Adobe Admin Console
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) is handled through the Adobe Business Platform rather than through Workfront

As an Adobe Workfront administrator, your administration responsibilities and procedures differ based on whether your organization has been onboarded to the Adobe Business Platform. This article lists the procedures that must be handled differently, and links to instructions for both Workfront and the Adobe Admin Console.


Action For instructions in Workfront, see For instructions in the Adobe Admin console, see
Grant a user admin access
Add a user to Adobe Workfront
Deactivate a user
Delete a user
  • The section "Permanently delete users" in Manage directory users

    Note: Deleting a user from the Adobe Admin Console deactivates the user in Workfront, but does not delete them from Workfront.

Edit a user profile
Bulk edit user profiles
Import users
Log in as another user Not available
Renew SAML certificate

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Because the Adobe Business Platform controls Single Sign-On (SSO) for users, the following actions and functionality are handled automatically through the Adobe Business Platform. If your organization has not yet been onboarded to the Adobe Business Platform, you must perform these actions in Workfront.

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