Install the Marketo Add-in for Outlook with an Enterprise Key

Last update: 2023-07-24

Many times, sales reps don’t have administrative privileges on their laptops, and their IT teams are responsible for installing all software remotely. The Marketo Add-in for Outlook can be installed this way using your Enterprise Key, which can be found in the Sales Insight section of Admin. If you don’t see the View Enterprise Key button, contact Marketo Support to enable it.


Sales Insight Actions capabilities, including Send Sales Email, Add to Sales Campaign, and Tasks, are not available in the Sales Insight email plugins for Gmail and Outlook. At this time, users only have the ability to send a trackable email with or without a Marketo email template from their email client when using the Sales Insight email plugins.

  1. In My Marketo, click Admin and then Sales Insight.

  2. Click the Email Add-In tab.

  3. Click View Enterprise Key.

  4. Copy the Outlook Enterprise License Key and paste it into an email, along with this link, and send it to your IT department for remote installation.

    That’s all! Next, the sales rep will go through the registration process.

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