Understanding Engagement Programs

Engagement programs are designed to market to new people by presenting content to them in a systematic way.


There is a limit of 100 active engagement programs per subscription.

Engagement Program

An engagement program is a type of program that can accomplish complex nurturing with ease.


A stream is a pool of prioritized content that the engagement program will use to nurture people.


There are two types of content you can add to engagement program streams—emails and programs. Emails will be sent to people at cast time.


A cast is the event of sending emails from an Engagement Program.


Engagement Programs are not designed to be used with operational emails.

Stream Cadence

You decide when a cast happens by setting up stream cadence. This is how you schedule content to go out at regular intervals.

Person Cadence

A person cadence is a status that defines its ability to receive content from an engagement program. You can use the Change Engagement Program Cadence flow step to change this to Paused or Normal.


Once a person has received every piece of content in a stream, we call the person Exhausted.

Content Engagement Level

Content Engagement Level is a 0 to 100 point score that Marketo will give your content. This number is determined by a sophisticated formula using opens, clicks, unsubscribes, program success, and other factors.

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