Email Deliverability Power Pack: How to Import a Seedlist

A seed list is a list of email accounts at multiple mailbox providers, including Google Apps, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc., that are used to approximate the rate of inbox versus spam folder deliverability. Here’s how to get that list into your Marketo instance.


Not all customers have purchased this functionality. Contact your Sales Rep for details.

Import a Seedlist

  1. Go to Deliverability Tools.

  2. Click Inbox Informant.

  3. Click Get Seedlist.

  4. Click Export List.


    Choose Optimize List if you want 250ok to optimize your list for you. Choose Customize List if you want to select the seedlist regions you’d like to include.

  5. After export, the list will appear as a .txt file in your browser’s downloads folder. Retrieve it, and import it into your Marketo instance as a static list.


    Be sure to name your list in a way that will make it easy to find.


    You get a limited amount of these Inbox Informant Campaigns per month. To see how many you get, look in your 250ok Account Settings. To obtain more, please contact your Marketo Sales Rep.

Acquiring New Seedlists

Your seedlist can change as often as every month. It’s important to log in to the Email Deliverabilty Power Pack regularly and check the status of your seed list. When new addresses are added or an update is required on your end, you will be alerted through the interface on the Get Seedlist page.

After your static list in Marketo is created, you can begin sending to it to test your email’s inbox placement.

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