Use a Marketo List or Smart List as a LinkedIn Audience Segment

Integrate your Marketo people with your LinkedIn audiences.

  1. Go to the Database.

  2. Select a smart list.

  3. Click the People tab.

  4. Click the Send Via Ad Bridge icon -- at the bottom of the list.


    When using ad network integrations to send an audience to LinkedIn, Marketo only sends the email address over.

  5. Select LinkedIn and click Next.

  6. Select a LinkedIn Audience.


    Clicking +New Audience will create an audience in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.


    LinkedIn deprecated the APIs used for the “Clear audience and add leads” push type in March 2018. This option is no longer available as of Marketo’s Q1 2018 Release.

  7. Select a Push Type. Click Update.


    Please allow 15 minutes for the sync to take place.

High five! Your data will now jibe with LinkedIn’s audiences. For information on uploading lists to LinkedIn for Account and Contact Targeting, visit LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions help center.

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