Send Referral Offer Fulfillment Email

Reward your customers with coupons and discount codes using the offer fulfillment email.

Set Up Fulfillment Delivery

  1. Select the referral offer. Click Edit Draft.

  2. Under App Settings, select Offer Details.

  3. Select a Sign-Up Email.

  4. Select a Fulfillment Email.

  5. Click the Fulfillment Delivery drop-down and select auto on goal.

    The message selected within Fulfillment Email will be automatically sent to people who meet the goal.

Manual Send

You can send a fulfillment email manually to a person once they’ve met the goal.

  1. Select the referral offer and click the Participants tab.

  2. Click the Filter By option and select Goal.


    This selects people who have met the referral offer goal.

  3. Select the people in the filtered view.

  4. Right-click and select Send Fulfillment Email.

Awesome! Those people will now receive the fulfillment email and be stoked about their reward.

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