Use Dynamic Content in a Landing Page

Using dynamic content in landing pages engages people with targeted information.

Add Segmentation

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

    Click your Landing Page and then click Edit Draft.

    Click Segment By.

    Enter the Segmentation name and click Save.

    Your segmentation and its segments appear under Dynamic on the right.


    All landing page elements are Static by default.

Make Element Dynamic

  1. Drag and drop elements from Static to Dynamic.

  2. You can also make elements Static or Dynamic from the element Settings.

Apply Dynamic Content

  1. Select an element under a segment and then click Edit. Repeat for each segment.

  2. A green check mark indicates content specific to segment. A blank indicates default segment content.


    Changes to the default segment content block are applied to all segments.


    Create a default landing page before modifying content for the various segments.

Voila! You can now send targeted content.

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