Set up Facebook Lead Ads

Use Facebook Lead Ads to run ad campaigns in Facebook and generate leads for Marketo.


Admin Permissions Required


To get Facebook Lead Ads added to your instance, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  1. Go to Marketo Admin.

  2. Go to LaunchPoint, click on New, and select New Service.

  3. Enter a Display Name for your service, select the Facebook Lead Ads service from the drop-down, and click Create.

  4. Open a new tab in the same browser and go to Log in to Facebook using the account you want to use for the integration.


    The Facebook account will need access to all the Facebook business pages you want to pull lead ads from.

  5. After you’re logged into Facebook, return to Marketo and click Authorize.

  6. If prompted, click OK to accept the Marketo app installation into Facebook.

  7. You’ll notice you are now authorized. Click Next.

  8. Select the page(s) you want Marketo to pull Facebook Lead Ads from and click Next.


    If you don’t see a page you’re expecting, ensure that the Facebook account used to authenticate is added to the page on Facebook and try again.

  9. To accept default Facebook to Marketo field mappings, simply click Create.


    By modifying the mappings, you can customize where the lead ads data is stored in Marketo. You can also pull in data from Lead Ads Custom Questions.


    Marketo doesn’t support mapping two Facebook fields to a single Marketo field, only 1 to 1. If you map 2 to 1, leads may fail to enter the Marketo system.

    Nicely done! Leads will start flowing into Marketo as you run successful Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.

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