Add to SFDC Campaign


Only available when integrated with Salesforce.


This flow step can be used in Marketo campaigns or as a single flow step to add people as leads in a Salesforce campaign. If the lead does not yet exist in Salesforce, it will automatically be synced over and added to the campaign with the specified status.


  1. Find and select the Salesforce campaign you want to add your leads to.


    If you can’t see a Salesforce campaign in the Campaign list:

    1. Make sure the campaign sync is enabled.
    2. Confirm that your Marketo Sync User is a Marketing User in Salesforce.

    You can use Salesforce campaign My Tokens to make program cloning easier.

  2. Select the Salesforce campaign member status you want to assign to leads when they’re added.


    If a person is already a lead member of the Salesforce campaign, they will be skipped and their status will NOT be updated. You can use change their status in an SFDC campaign instead.

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