Use Add Choice in a Flow Step

Add Choice lets you use a flow step and say “It depends” when you are choosing the details.

  1. Under the Flow tab of the smart campaign, add any flow step and then click on Add Choice.

  2. Select the choice condition.

  3. Choose the choice operator and enter a choice value. This sets your criteria or choice.

  4. Enter a flow step value for the choice.


    Tokens will not work in the condition part of a choice flow step.

  5. Repeat the above steps to add multiple choices, and then add/adjust the default value.


    You can set any of your flow steps to --Do Nothing–, in which case no action will be taken on that choice.


    Only the first matching choice is applied to the flow step. Learn how to reorder “Add Choice” in a flow action.

    Great! You can now create a single smart campaign with flow step choices instead of creating multiple smart campaigns for each choice.

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