TS-YYYY-MM-DD-Tradeshow Program

This is an example of a tradeshow program with invites and follow-up emails utilizing a Marketo Engage Event Program.

For further strategy assistance or help customizing a program, please contact the Adobe Account Team or visit the Adobe Professional Services page.

Channel Summary

Channel Membership Status Analytics Behavior Program Type
Event 01-Invited
04-Visited Booth
05-Engaged at Show - Success
06-Engaged at Post Show - Success
Inclusive Event

Program Contains the Following Assets

Type Template Name Asset Name
Email Quick Start Email Template 01-Email-Thank You
Email Quick Start Email Template 02a- Email - Invitation
Local Report   Email Performance
Local Report   Program Performance
Smart Campaign   00 - Capture Acquisition Program
Smart Campaign   01 - Send Invitation
Smart Campaign   02 - Send Follow-up Emails
Smart Campaign   03 - Engaged by Follow-up Email (Success)
Folder   Assets - Houses all creative assets
(subfolders for Email & Landing Pages)
Folder   Campaigns - Houses all Smart Campaigns
Folder   Reports

My Tokens Included

Token Type Token Name Value
Calendar File {{my.AddToCalendar}} Double Click for Details
Text {{my.Email-FromAddress}} PlaceholderFrom.email@mydomain.com
Text {{my.Email-FromName}} <--My From Name Here-->
Text {{my.Email-ReplyToAddress}} reply-to.email@mydomain.com
Text {{my.Event-Date}} <--My Event Date-->
Rich Text {{my.Event-Booth#}} <--My Booth Number-->
Text {{my.Event-City}} <--My Event City Here-->
Text {{my.Event-Date}} <--My Event Date-->
Text {{my.Event-Time}} <--My Event Time + TimeZone-->
Text {{my.Event-Title}} <--My Event Title Here-->
Text {{my.Event-Type}} Tradeshow

Conflict Rules

  • Program Tags

    • Create tags in this subscription - Recommended
    • Ignore
  • Landing Page template with the same name

    • Copy original template
    • Use destination template - Recommended
  • Images with the same name

    • Keep both files
    • Replace item in this subscription - Recommended
  • Email templates with the same name

    • Keep both templates
    • Replace existing template - Recommended

Best Practices

  • After import of the webinar program, move the form from a local asset to a global asset located in the Design Studio.

    • Decreasing the number of forms and utilizing more global assets from the Design Studio allows more scalability in your program design and administrative governance. It also provides flexibility in regular compliance updates for fields, opt-in language, etc.
  • Consider updating the templates in your imported program to utilize currently branded templates, or update the newly imported template to reflect your brand by adding in a snippet or your appropriate logo/footer information.

  • Consider updating the naming convention of this program example to align with your naming convention.


Remember to update the My Token Values on the program template and each time you use the program, as needed.


Don’t forget to activate the “03 - Engaged by Follow-up Email (Program Success)” campaign for tracking success! Do this before your emails are sent.


My Tokens that reference a URL cannot contain the http:// or https:// otherwise the link will not work appropriately within the asset.

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