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Last update: 2023-07-24
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A program is one specific marketing initiative. The channel is intended to be the delivery mechanism, like Webinar or Sponsorship or Online Ad.


Admin Permissions Required


Learn more about programs, the most important element in Marketo.

  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Tags.


    Why tags? A channel is a way of describing a program, just like other tags. The channel just has special extra features.

  3. Click the + sign next to Channel to expand and see existing channels.

  4. Under New, click New Channel.



    Channel: Billboard

    • Apply to: Default
    • Progression: Member, Engaged (If in doubt, these work fine)
    • Success: Engaged

    Channel: Party

    • Apply to: Event
    • Progression: Invited, Registered, No Show and Attended
    • Success: Attended

    Check out the Progressions of existing channels to get an idea of how to use them.

  5. Let’s go with the Party channel example. Name your new Channel and select the program type it will apply to.


    Apply to what? There are several types of programs. Match the channel to the right type. If in doubt, choose Default.


    When using “Event with Webinar,” system mappings will be locked (as required by webinar integrations) and cannot be edited.

  6. Enter the first two program Status names, then click Add Step.

  7. Enter another program Status and Step number, then click Add Step.


    The Step number is used for sorting of program statuses. Keep in mind that people cannot go backwards in these progression steps. They can only change status to a higher or equal value status. Use the equal values when statuses are intended to switch back and forth as opposed to a progression.

  8. Enter the last program Status and Step number.


    When using the type “Event,” system mapping for Registered, Waitlisted, and Attended statuses is required. As such, those statuses cannot be hidden.

  9. Pick the Mobile Check-in Status for Registered.

  10. Pick the Mobile Check-in Status for Attended.


    Mobile Check-in Status options will only be available if the channel will be for event programs.


    Only people with a Mobile Check-in Status of Registered and Attended will be visible in the Mobile Check-in Apps.


    If a new person is created in the mobile check-in app, it will be set to Registered in the event program. If a person is checked into the event on the app, it will be set to Attended in the event program.

  11. Select the Success program status, then click Create.

    Nicely done! When you make a new program of that type, this new channel will be one of the choices.

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