Understanding the SEO Dashboard: SEO Snapshot

Use the dashboard to get a high-level view of how keyword rank is trending and how well your site is optimized for SEO.

To find out what to focus on to improve your SEO efforts, use the Recommendations section of this dashboard.

Keyword Rank Summary

This section shows you how your site is ranked for the keywords you’re targeting.

Color Rank
Green 1st result in search
Yellow 2nd - 10th result in search
Grey 11th - 20th result in search

You can also view how a specific list of keywords is performing. Click the drop-down and select which one interests you.

Rock on! Let’s keep movin’.

Average Page Optimization Score

The Average Page Optimization Score is a proprietary Marketo score which measures all the pages on your site on a scale of 1 to 100.

It’s based on a compilation of dozens of best practices. A score of 70 or higher indicates a well-optimized site.


You can also see the optimization score for specific lists of pages. Use the drop-down and select one that interests you.

The Keyword Rank Trends graph pulls your keywords with the five highest monthly search volumes, and charts how they’re ranking over time.


You can remove keywords form this chart by clicking them. Try it out! The chart will dynamically rebuild.

Easy, right? Now let’s check out the Recommendations section of this dashboard.

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