Spend Management Methods

Spend data is key to the success of ROI reporting with Marketo Measure. In order to have accurate and comprehensive ROI reporting across all of your channels and subchannels, you need to make sure you have the appropriate spend data being pulled into Marketo Measure.

There are three ways to get spend data into Marketo Measure. Each method is designed to pull spend data from particular data inputs.

1) API Connected Accounts

Any Ad Account you have connected to Marketo Measure through an API will have it’s spend automatically pulled into Marketo Measure for ROI reporting. To check which accounts you have connected and therefore pulling in spend, go to your Marketo Measure App and select the Connections tab under the Integrations section. For more details on how to setup your API connections review our Integrated Ad Platforms article.

2) CRM Campaign Cost Sync

Every Marketo Measure account has access to a feature called Sync CRM Campaign Costs. By default, this feature bit is set to “No” but can be turned on at any time.

Once enabled this feature will automatically pull spend in from any CRM campaign/program that meets the following criteria

i. Marketo Measure first looks to see if the Campaign/Program is creating touchpoints, either from a matching Campaign Sync rule that was created, or a matching Program Sync rule that was created, or the Enable Buyer Touchpoints value is “Include All Campaign Members” or “Include ‘Responded’ Campaign Members.”

ii. A Start Date must be populated on the campaign/program

iii. An End Date must also be populated on the campaign/program

iv. Lastly an Actual Cost (for Campaigns in SFDC) or Period Cost (for Programs in Marketo) must be specified.

3) Manual Cost Upload

This method allows you to manually upload spend data for those channels and subchannel which are not covered by API Connected Accounts or the CRM Campaign Cost Sync. By navigating to the Marketing Spend section in your Marketo Measure settings, you can upload spend data via a CSV file for any of your Channels.

Customers can use a combination of all three of these methods to manage their spend and will depend on the specific setup of the Marketo Measure. Because there are three methods of importing spend into Marketo Measure, we strongly recommend you utilize your Marketing Spend board located in Discover to get a comprehensive view of all spend data. This board is the only place where you will be able to see all your channels and their associated spend. The Marketing Spend board can help you to quickly identify where there might be gaps in your spend data and how you can improve your ROI reporting.

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