CSS Styling and Branding

Use CSS to style elements of a Livefyre App to fit your brand.

Livefyre apps offer an extensive CSS styling interface, allowing you to customize your user experience to meet your current design standards.

Styling options include:

  • Styling the Stream: Livefyre streams may be styled and customized to fit your brand, and the rest of your site. For more information, see CSS Customizations.
  • Styling the Comment Editor: The comment editor may be customized by changing the color, size and family for your font, or by changing the background color for the comment box. For more information, see Editor CSS.
  • Moving the Livefyre Logo: While the default location for the Livefyre logo is at the top of the stream, this image may be removed, and replaced with a smaller “Powered by Livefyre” logo at the bottom of the stream. For more information, see Moving the Livefyre Logo.
  • Hiding elements of the stream: Elements of the stream may be hidden if they are not relevant to your community. Elements which may be removed include the reply button, edit profile menu, logout menu, comment notifier, and user avatars. For more information on removing these elements, see Hiding App Elements.
  • Customizing the Friend Tagging Logo: By default, the Livefyre logo is displayed in the friend tagging dropdown list for all users who have commented in the stream on the page. To replace this image with your own logo, please see Branding in Studio.

Apps that use this feature:

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