CMS App Integrations

When you implement Livefyre Apps, the style of implementation depends on your use case. This page explains the features for the three ways you can create an App.

Livefyre integration is agnostic to any CMS and User Profile and Auth platform. Implement Livefyre in one or more ways, depending on your use-case and requirements.

You can use traditional integration to create customized AEM components.

CMS App Integration Type Overview

Type Development Requirement Features Pros Limitations
App Designer Very Low Create JS embeds in Studio to add to pages without a developer
Limited Styling and Configurations available
Use case: Single Use Pages (event coverage, campaigns, hubs)
Able to get an App up and running in a short amount of time.
Configurations can be done by a non-technical member.
Easy on the fly changes to configurations
Must create an App using Livefyre Studio first
Not automated
Livefyre.js Medium Integrate Apps into the JavaScript of your pages
Use case: Reusable templates (editorial content, product reviews)
Use the full suite of App customizations and configurations
Automates the process to dynamically instantiate Apps from within your CMS onto your pages
Need a developer up front.
SDK APIs Advanced Retrieve your content from Livefyre to use for custom applications
Customize front-end beyond out supported offering
Use case: Data/Analytics integrations and custom front-end apps
Full power over the look and feel of App Requires development up front.
Higher level of dev effort to implement.

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