Configure web subdomains

When authoring web experiences, if you add content coming from the Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials library, you must set up the subdomain that will be used to publish this content.

To do so, you must choose from the list of subdomains already delegated to Adobe. Learn more on delegating subdomains to Adobe in this section.


Web subdomain configuration is common to all environments. Therefore:

  • To access and edit web subdomains, you must have the Manage Web Subdomains permission on the production sandbox.

  • Any modification to a web subdomain will also impact the production sandboxes.

You can create several web subdomains, but only the default subdomain will be used. You can change the default web subdomain, but only one can be used at a time.

  1. Access the Administration > Channels menu, then select Web configuration > Web subdomains.

  2. Click Set up subdomain.

  3. Select a delegated subdomain from the list.


    You cannot select a subdomain that is already used as web subdomain.

  4. The prefix that will display in your web URL is automatically added. You cannot change it.

  5. To set this subdomain as default, select the corresponding option.


    Only the default subdomain will be used.

  6. Click Submit. The subdomain gets the Success status. It is ready to be used for your web experiences.


    In very rare occasions, a subdomain setup could fail. In this case, you can delete the Failed subdomain to clean up the list using the Delete button from the More actions icon.

  7. The Default badge is displayed next the subdomain that is currently used as default. To change the default subdomain, select Set as default from the More actions button next to the desired subdomain.


    You can change the default web subdomain, but only one can be used at a time.

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