Step event field list

Step event fields are organized by category.

  • Debug information fields
  • Journey fields
  • Profile fields
  • Service event fields


Field name Type Description
requestId String The request Id used by Journey Optimizer to track the flow of a request.


This field group is used in the journey schema (in relation with journeyStepEvent). It contains the following fields:

Field name Type Description
ID String Identifier for the given Journey
VersionID String Id of the journey version. This id represents the identity of a journey
name String Name of the journey
description String Description of the journey
version String version, represented as major.minor


This field group is specific to journeyStepEvent: this event is in relation with journey, and doesn’t have the identityMap, describing the profile identity, if any.

For journeyStepEvent, we need also to add fields related to the identity:

Field name Type Description
ID String Profile identifier identifies the profile sent/used in a journey. E.g:
namespace String This field describes the Namespace referenced by the Profile used in the Journey. E.g: Email, ECID


This mixin contains all fields corresponding to a profile export job.

Field name Type Description
ID String The identifier of the segment export job triggered
status String The status of segment export job: queued, started, finished
exportCountTotal Integer The max possible value of segment export job
exportCountRealized Integer The actual number of segments exported through the job
exportCountFailed Integer The number of segments failed while exporting through the job
exportSegmentID String The identifier of the segment being exported
eventType String The event type indicating whether it is an error event of info event: Info, Error
eventCode String The error code indicating the reason for corresponding eventType


This category contains the original step event fields. Refer to this section.

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