Decisioning and Edge Decisioning APIs

You can deliver offers using either the Decisioning or the Edge Decisioning API.

In this page, you will find information on specific functionalities that are available with each API. While both allow you to deliver offers to your customers, we recommend using the Edge Decisioning API whenever possible for inbound use cases and to ensure better latency and throughput on your platform.

Requests/sec Latency
Decisioning API 2000 <500ms
Edge Decisioning API 5000 <250ms

For more information on how to work with the APIs, refer to these sections:

Edge Decisioning API capabilities

Unique request for experience events and decisioning requests

With the Edge Decisioning API, you can send in one single request the experience event itself along with the decisioning request, rather than having two different requests.

For example, if a customer visits your website, the request will include the experience event (the customer’s visit to the page), and get an offer back to populate the visited page.

Context data storage into Adobe Experience Platform

Context data refers to data that you only know at the time you want an offer back. For example, the color of the purchased article, the weather at the time of the purchase, etc.

When passing context data with an Edge Decisioning API request, data is stored into the Adobe Experience Platform profile, allowing future reuse.


In order for the context data to be stored, you need to have a dedicated XDM schema configured.

Decisioning API capabilities

The functionalities listed below are only available with the Decisioning API. If you need to leverage one of them to meet your requirements, use the Decisioning API. Otherwise, we recommend using the Edge Decisioning APIs.

  • Experience events: leverage experience events to build your decisioning rules.
  • Offer content and characteristics: you can choose not to return the content and characteristics of an offer using a dedicated option.
  • Offer metadata: enable an option to return the metadata of an offer.
  • Merge policy: use in your request a different merge policy from the one associated to your sandbox.
  • Decisioning events and frequency capping: block decisioning events from being counted by any frequency capping that happens.
  • Duplicate propositions: enable an option not to deduplicate propositions.

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