Sending data to Adobe Analytics

Last update: 2023-08-09
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Whereas in the past there were different functions to distinguish between a page view and a link (for example, s.t(),, in the Web SDK there is just the sendEvent command. The data you send with an event determines whether it should be a page view or a link. Learn more about tracking links.

Sending a page view

You can specify a page view by setting the web.webPageDetails.pageViews.value=1 variable.

alloy("sendEvent", {
  "xdm": {
    "web": {
      "webPageDetails": {
        "pageViews": {

Although Analytics technically records a page view even if this variable is not set, it is a best practice to set this variable whenever you want to record a page view to be explicit in your data and to future proof your implementation.

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