(Alpha) HTTP connection


The HTTP destination in Platform is currently in alpha. The documentation and the functionality are subject to change.


The HTTP destination is an Adobe Experience Platform streaming destination that helps you send profile data to third-party HTTP endpoints.

To send profile data to HTTP endpoints, you must first connect to the destination in Adobe Experience Platform.

Use cases

The HTTP destination is targeted towards customers who need to export XDM profile data and audience segments to generic HTTP endpoints.

HTTP endpoints can be either customers’ own systems or third-party solutions.

Connect to the destination

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial.

Connection parameters

While setting up this destination, you must provide the following information:

  • httpEndpoint: the URL of the HTTP endpoint that you want to send the profile data to.

    • Optionally, you can add query parameters to the httpEndpoint URL.
  • authEndpoint: the URL of the HTTP endpoint used for OAuth2 authentication.

  • Client ID: the clientID parameter used in the OAuth2 client credentials.

  • Client Secret: the clientSecret parameter used in the OAuth2 client credentials.


    Only OAuth2 client credentials are currently supported.

  • Name: enter a name by which you will recognize this destination in the future.

  • Description: enter a description that will help you identify this destination in the future.

  • Custom Headers: enter any custom headers that you want to be included in the destination calls, following this format: header1:value1,header2:value2,...headerN:valueN.


    The current implementation requires at least one custom header. This limitation will be resolved in a future update.

Activate segments to this destination

See Activate audience data to streaming profile export destinations for instructions on activating audience segments to this destination.

Destination attributes

In the Select attributes step, Adobe recommends that you select a unique identifier from your union schema. Select the unique identifier and any other XDM fields that you want to export to the destination.

Exported data

Your exported Experience Platform data lands in your HTTP destination in JSON format. For example, the event below contains the email address profile attribute of an audience that has qualified for a certain segment and exited another segment. The identities for this prospect are ECID and email.

  "person": {
    "email": "yourstruly@adobe.con"
  "segmentMembership": {
    "ups": {
      "7841ba61-23c1-4bb3-a495-00d3g5fe1e93": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T21:24:39Z",
        "status": "exited"
      "59bd2fkd-3c48-4b18-bf56-4f5c5e6967ae": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T23:37:33Z",
        "status": "existing"
  "identityMap": {
    "ecid": [
        "id": "14575006536349286404619648085736425115"
        "id": "66478888669296734530114754794777368480"
    "email_lc_sha256": [
        "id": "655332b5fa2aea4498bf7a290cff017cb4"
        "id": "66baf76ef9de8b42df8903f00e0e3dc0b7"

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