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Activate audiences to streaming profile export destinations

Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

Overview overview

This article explains the workflow required to activate audience data in Adobe Experience Platform to streaming profile-based destinations (also referred to as enterprise destinations).

This article applies to the following three destinations:

Prerequisites prerequisites

To activate data to destinations, you must have successfully connected to a destination. If you haven’t done so already, go to the destinations catalog, browse the supported destinations, and configure the destination that you want to use.

Select your destination select-destination

  1. Go to Connections > Destinations, and select the Catalog tab.

    Image showing the destination catalog tab.

  2. Select Activate audiences on the card corresponding to the destination where you want to activate your audiences, as shown in the image below.

    Image highlighting the activate audiences control in the destinations catalog tab.

  3. Select the destination connection that you want to use to activate your audiences, then select Next.

    Image showing a selection of two destinations that you can connect to.

  4. Move to the next section to select your audiences.

Select your audiences select-audiences

To select the audiences that you want to activate to the destination, use the check boxes to the left of the audience names, then select Next.

You can select from multiple types of audiences, depending on their origin:

  • Segmentation Service: Audiences generated within Experience Platform by the Segmentation Service. See the Audience Portal documentation for more details.
  • Custom upload: Audiences generated outside of Experience Platform, and uploaded into Platform as CSV files. To learn more about external audiences, see the documentation on importing an audience.
  • Other types of audiences, originating from other Adobe solutions, such as Audience Manager.

Image highlighting the checkboxes selection in the Select audiences step of the activation workflow.

Select profile attributes select-attributes

In the Mapping step, select the profile attributes that you want to send to the target destination.

  1. In the Select attributes page, select Add new field.

    Image highlighting the Add new field control in the mapping step.

  2. Select the arrow to the right of the Schema field entry.

    Image highlighting the how to select a source field in the mapping step.

  3. In the Select field page, select the XDM attributes that you want to send to the destination, then choose Select.

    Image showing a selection of XDM fields that you can select as source fields.

  4. To add more fields, repeat steps 1 to 3, then select Next.

Review review

On the Review page, you can see a summary of your selection. Select Cancel to break up the flow, Back to modify your settings, or Finish to confirm your selection and start sending data to the destination.

Selection summary in the review step.

Consent policy evaluation is currently not supported in exports to the three enterprise destinations - Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs, and HTTP API.

This means that profiles which have not consented to being targeted are included in the exports to these three destinations.

Data usage policy checks data-usage-policy-checks

In the Review step, Experience Platform also checks for any data usage policy violations. Shown below is an example where a policy is violated. You cannot complete the audience activation workflow until you have resolved the violation. For information on how to resolve policy violations, read about data usage policy violations in the data governance documentation section.

data policy violation

Filter audiences filter-audiences

Also in this step you can use the available filters on the page to display only the audiences whose schedule or mapping has been updated as part of this workflow.

Screen recording showing the available audience filters in the review step.

If you are satisfied with your selection and no policy violations have been detected, select Finish to confirm your selection and start sending data to the destination.

Verify audience activation verify

Your exported Experience Platform data lands in your target destination in JSON format. For example, the event below contains the email address attribute of a profile that has qualified for a certain audience and exited another audience. The identities for this prospect are ECID and email_lc_sha256.

  "person": {
    "email": "yourstruly@adobe.com"
  "segmentMembership": {
    "ups": {
      "7841ba61-23c1-4bb3-a495-00d3g5fe1e93": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T21:24:39Z",
        "status": "exited"
      "59bd2fkd-3c48-4b18-bf56-4f5c5e6967ae": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T23:37:33Z",
        "status": "realized"
  "identityMap": {
    "ecid": [
        "id": "14575006536349286404619648085736425115"
        "id": "66478888669296734530114754794777368480"
    "email_lc_sha256": [
        "id": "655332b5fa2aea4498bf7a290cff017cb4"
        "id": "66baf76ef9de8b42df8903f00e0e3dc0b7"