Email marketing destinations overview


Email Service Providers (ESPs) enable you to manage your email marketing activities, such as sending promotional email campaigns. Adobe Experience Platform integrates with ESPs by allowing you to activate segments to email marketing destinations.

Platform exports your segments as .csv files and delivers them to your preferred location. Schedule your data import in your email marketing platform from the storage location enabled in Platform. The process to import data varies for each partner. Read the individual destinations articles for more information.

Supported email marketing destinations

Adobe Experience Platform supports the following email marketing destinations:

Connect to a new email marketing destination

To send segments to email marketing destinations for your campaigns, Platform must first connect to the destination. See the destination creation tutorial for detailed information on setting up a new destination.

Best practices when activating audiences to email marketing destinations

Identity selection

Adobe recommends that you select a unique identifier from your union schema. This is the field that your user identities are keyed off of. Most commonly, this field is the email address, but it can also be a loyalty program ID or a phone number. Refer to the table below for the most common unique identifiers and their XDM field in the schema.

Unique Identifier XDM field in Unified Schema
Email Address personalEmail.address
Phone mobilePhone.number
Loyalty program ID Customer-defined XDM field

Other destination attributes

In the Schema field selector, choose which other fields you want to export to the email destination. Some recommended options are:

Schema XDM field
First Name
Last Name
Phone mobilePhone.number
Address City
Address State homeAddress.stateProvince
Address Postal Code homeAddress.postalCode
Birthday person.birthDayAndMonth
Segment membership segmentMembership.status

Import data from your storage location into the destination

Read the individual email marketing destination articles to learn how to import data from your storage location into destinations:

Activate segments to email marketing destinations

For instructions on how to activate segments to email marketing destinations, refer to Activate audience data to batch profile export destinations.

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