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Google Ad Manager, formerly known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or DoubleClick AdX, is an ad serving platform from Google that gives publishers the means to manage the display of advertisements on their websites, through video and in mobile apps.

Destination specifics

Note the following details that are specific to Google Ad Manager destinations:

  • Activated audiences are created programmatically in the Google platform.
  • Platform does not currently include a measurement metric to validate successful activation. Refer to the audience counts in Google to validate the integration and understand audience targeting size.

Supported Identities

Google Ad Manager supports the activation of identities described in the table below.

Target Identity Description Considerations
GAID Google Advertising ID Select this target identity when your source identity is a GAID namespace.
IDFA Apple ID for Advertisers Select this target identity when your source identity is an IDFA namespace.
AAM UUID Adobe Audience Manager Unique User ID, also known as Device ID. A numerical, 38-digit device ID that Audience Manager associates to each device it interacts with. Google uses AAM UUID to target users in California, and the Google Cookie ID for all other users.
Google cookie ID Google cookie ID Google uses this ID to target users outside of California.
RIDA Roku ID for Advertising. This ID uniquely identifies Roku devices.
MAID Microsoft Advertising ID. This ID uniquely identifies devices running Windows 10.
Amazon Fire TV ID This ID uniquely identifies Amazon Fire TVs.

Export type and frequency

Refer to the table below for information about the destination export type and frequency.

Item Type Notes
Export type Segment export You are exporting all members of a segment (audience) to the Google destination.
Export frequency Streaming Streaming destinations are “always on” API-based connections. As soon as a profile is updated in Experience Platform based on segment evaluation, the connector sends the update downstream to the destination platform. Read more about streaming destinations.


If you are looking to create your first destination with Google Ad Manager and have not enabled the ID sync functionality in Experience Cloud ID Service in the past (with Audience Manager or other applications), please reach out to Adobe Consulting or Customer Care to enable ID syncs. If you had previously set up Google integrations in Audience Manager, the ID syncs you had set up carry over to Platform.



The allow list is mandatory before setting up your first Google Ad Manager destination in Platform. Please ensure the allow list process described below has been completed by Google before creating a destination.

Before creating the Google Ad Manager destination in Platform, you must contact Google for Adobe to be put on the list of allowed data providers, and for your account to be added to the allow list. Contact Google and provide the following information:

  • Account ID: Adobe’s account ID with Google. Account ID: 87933855.
  • Customer ID: Adobe’s customer account ID with Google. Customer ID: 89690775.
  • Network code: This is your Google Ad Manager network identifier, found under Admin > Global settings in the Google interface, as well as in the URL.
  • Audience Link ID: This is a specific identifier associated with your Google Ad Manager network (not your Network code), also found under Admin > Global settings in the Google interface.
  • Your account type. DFP by Google or AdX buyer.

Connect to the destination


To connect to the destination, you need the Manage Destinations access control permission. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial.

Connection parameters

While setting up this destination, you must provide the following information:

  • Name: Fill in the preferred name for this destination.
  • Description: Optional. For example, you can mention which campaign you are using this destination for.
  • Account Type: Select an option, depending on your account with Google:
    • Use DFP by Google for DoubleClick for Publishers
    • Use AdX buyer for Google AdX
  • Account ID: Fill in your Audience Link ID with Google.

When setting up a Google Ad Manager destination, please work with your Google Account Manager or Adobe representative to understand which account type you have.

Enable alerts

You can enable alerts to receive notifications on the status of the dataflow to your destination. Select an alert from the list to subscribe to receive notifications on the status of your dataflow. For more information on alerts, see the guide on subscribing to destinations alerts using the UI.

When you are finished providing details for your destination connection, select Next.

Activate segments to this destination


To activate data, you need the Manage Destinations, Activate Destinations, View Profiles, and View Segments access control permissions. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

See Activate audience data to streaming segment export destinations for instructions on activating audience segments to this destination.

Exported data

To verify if data has been exported successfully to the Google Ad Manager destination, check your Google Ad Manager account. If activation was successful, audiences are populated in your account.

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