Data collection overview

Adobe Experience Platform provides a suite of technologies that allow you to collect customer experience data from client-side sources, and send it to the Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network where it can be enriched, transformed, and distributed to Adobe or non-Adobe destinations in seconds.

Data collection is supported for the following client-side sources:

  • Web-based applications
  • Native mobile applications
  • Over-the-top (OTT) applications

The data-collection technologies provided by Experience Platform focus on the discoverability and accessibility of ingested datasets. These technologies encompass the following:

Simpler implementations, faster client-side performance

Adobe Experience Platform Web and Mobile SDKs collapse and compress all Adobe product libraries into a single development kit for web or mobile platforms. Compressing these libraries speeds up data collection and consolidates operations into a single stream from client-side devices to Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network.

Flip-the-switch process to deploy Adobe technology

Platform Edge Network is a globally distributed, fast, and reliable network of servers capable of receiving and processing data at tremendous scale. Using tags, you can set up datastreams for products like Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Analytics, which allow you to activate these products on the server side without changing client-side code.


For a high-level introduction to the Platform Edge Network, refer to the following interactive product tour.

Transform, enrich, and send data fast and securely

Event forwarding in Adobe Experience Platform can tap into any Platform data stream. You can transform, enrich, and send data to any non-Adobe destination with extreme low latency without adding any third-party code to the client device providing faster and more secure data collection and distribution.

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