Current Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for the current (latest) version of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.


From here, you can navigate to release notes of previous versions; for example, for those in 2020, 2021, and so on.


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Release Date

The release date of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service current release (2022.7.0) is August 8, 2022.

The next release (2022.8.0) is planned for August 25, 2022.

Release Video

Have a look at the July 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.7.0 release:

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service

New features in Sites

  • The Content Fragment Console now supports keyboard shortcuts.

  • AEM as Cloud Service’s web-optimized image delivery allows to significantly improve page speed by delivering formats such as WebP. This new service also offers more flexible image resizing and transformation options. All versions of the Core Image Component allow to leverage this service and to deliver images as WebP by the click of an option in the policy of the image component.

  • AEM personalization activities can now leverage experience fragments in lieu of our legacy offers. This feature:

    • enables a migration path where AEM content would promote experience fragment offers rather than legacy library offers to provide appropriately styled content that align with the personalization at scale going forward.
    • prevents content authors from accidentally serving unstyled content on their site.
    • allows targeting mode of any component to be converted to an experience fragment (both JSON and HTML types) which uses editable templates.

Existing personalization activities that are already using legacy offers can continue to do so but new personalization activities ought to be created as experience fragments since that is the recommended approach going forward.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

New features available in Assets prerelease channel

You can now configure Adobe Experience Manager Assets to restrict the type of assets that users can upload based on the MIME type.

Asset upload restrictions

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

New features in Forms

  • Keyboard input support for Scribble signatures: Adaptive Forms are increasingly being used on touch devices, and one common requirement is to support signatures. Signing documents on touch devices has become an accepted way of signing forms. Adaptive Forms has native support for Scribble Signatures and Adobe Sign for such use cases. Now, along with other already supported options, you can also use keyboard to Scribble signatures in an Adaptive Form. It also helps improve accessibility compliance.

Keyboard input support for Scribble signatures on iphone

  • Use Adaptive Forms wizard in local language: You can use the wizard in language of your choice. It now supports all the languages supported by Adobe Experience Manager.

New features available in Forms prerelease channel

  • Invoke DDX - An AEM Workflow step: Document Description XML (DDX) is a declarative markup language whose elements represent building blocks of documents. These building blocks include PDF and XDP documents, and other elements such as comments, bookmarks, and styled text. DDX documents are templates for the documents and describe the desired characteristics of source documents that should appear in resultant documents. A single DDX can be used with a range of source documents. You can use the Invoke step an AEM Workflow to perform various operations, like assembling disassembling documents, creating and modifying Acrobat and XFA Forms, and other operations described in DDX Reference documentation.

  • Convert to PDF/A - An AEM Workflow step: PDF/A is an archival format for long-term preservation of the document’s content, all fonts are embedded and the file is uncompressed. Now, you can use the Convert to PDF/A step an AEM Workflow to convert your documents or files in any format to PDF/A format.

CIF Add-on

What is New

  • Product catalog enrichment now supports AEM pages. This enables authors to manage page - product association.

  • Various CIF Core Component improvements

Bug fixes

  • Add login token to client-side price fetching

  • Wrong page component in datalayer

Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Foundation

What is New

  • The Repository Browser now has a path input field, making it possible to jump directly to a specific folder in the repository hierarchy
  • Sling Content Distribution (SCD) now supports an explicit “invalidation” action in order to invalidate content without that content being published. Refer to the Caching in AEM as a Cloud Service page for further details.
  • mod_macro is now available in AEM as a Cloud Service. Refer to this table for a list of supported Apache modules.

AEM as a Cloud Service SDK Dispatcher Tools enhancements

  • Apache can be started with script, which will automatically load and validate any subsequent changes to apache and dispatcher configuration, thus improving developer velocity. Only supported for dispatcher tools flexible mode. Also, see Debugging your Apache and Dispatcher configuration for additional details about automatic reloading and validation.
  • Local apache/dispatcher configuration will more closely track changes in cloud environments, increasing parity between the two environments.

New features available in Experience Manager prerelease channel

  • AEM as a Cloud Service is now integrated with Unified Shell to improve the user experience and unify it with all the other Experience Cloud applications. Refer to AEM as a Cloud Service on Unified Shell for more details.

Adobe Learning Manager Connectors

  • The new Adobe Learning Manager has connectors to Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Marketo Engage and Adobe Commerce. To learn more see: Adobe Learning Manager User Guide.

Cloud Manager

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Migration Tools

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