Quick Site Creation and Front-End Customization

Learn how the Quick Site Creation tool uses site templates, themes, and the front-end pipeline to enable fast deployment of new sites and decouple front-end development.


The Quick Site Creation tool is an easy-to-use tool that allows administrators to quickly deploy new sites that front-end developers can immediately begin to customize independent of back-end development and site content creation.

To do this, the Quick Site Creation tool uses several powerful AEM as a Cloud Service features:

  1. AEM Site Templates are used to define base site content and structure as well as site styling and are selected by an administrator when creating a new site.
  2. An AEM Site Theme is included in the template and contains the CSS, JavaScript, and static resources that define the styling of the site.
  3. The Front-End Pipeline can be used to deploy customizations to the site theme independently of back-end development.

Quick Site Creation Journey

For a complete overview of how the Quick Site Creation tool works and to get started immediately deploying and customizing your own site using these powerful tools, please review the Quick Site Creation Journey.

Additional Resources

Because the Quick Site Creation tool leverages many AEM features, these additional resources may be helpful.

  • Site Templates - Learn how AEM site templates can be used to predefine site structure and initial content to allow you to quickly create new sites.
  • Site Themes - Learn how AEM site themes can be used to customize the style and design of your site.
  • Developing Sites with the Front-End Pipeline - With the front-end pipeline, more independence is given to the front-end developers and the development process can gain substantial velocity. This document describes some considerations to be aware of in order to get the full potential out of this process.

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