Import or Export Adaptive Forms and AEM Forms assets

Last update: 2024-01-18
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You can move Adaptive Forms and related assets such as Adaptive Form themes, Form Data Models, Adaptive Form templates, document fragments, and PDF forms between AEM Forms instances. You can import and export assets in CRX package or binary file formats.

When you export an Adaptive Form, the content policies, and templates are not exported. Use Package Manager to export such assets.

Download Adaptive Forms, PDF forms, or related assets

To download forms or related assets:

  1. Log in to your AEM Forms instance.

  2. Select Adobe Experience Manager adobeexperiencemanager icon > Navigation compass icon > Forms > Forms & Documents.

  3. Select the assets and select the Download icon.

  4. In the Download Asset(s), choose one of the following options, and select Download.

    • Download as CRX Package: Use the option to download and move all selected assets and related dependencies from an AEM Forms instance to another. It downloads all assets and folders as a CRX package including the forms authored in AEM (Adaptive Forms and Adaptive Form Fragments), form sets, form data model, form templates, PDF documents, and referenced resources (XSDs and images).
      The advantage of downloading assets as a package is that it also downloads referenced by selected assets. For example, If you have an Adaptive Form that uses a form template, XSD, and an image. When you select this Adaptive Form and download it as a package, the downloaded package also contains the form template, XSD, and the image. All the metadata properties (including custom properties) associated with the asset are also downloaded.

    • Download assets as binary files: Use the option to download only form templates (XDP), PDF forms (PDF), document (PDF), and resources (images, schemas, stylesheets). You can edit these assets with external applications. It downloads the assets that have binaries, such as images, PDFs, and other supported formats as a .zip file.
      You cannot download Adaptive Forms, Adaptive Form Fragments, themes, and form sets with Download assets as binary files option. To download these assets, you should use Download as CRX Package option.

    The selected assets are downloaded as an archive (.zip file).


    Both AEM package and binary files are downloaded as an archive (.zip file). The templates for the assets do not get downloaded along with the assets. You need to export the asset templates separately.

Upload Adaptive Forms, PDF forms, or related assets

You can upload the supported asset types individually or as a ZIP archive. For a ZIP file, the relative paths of all the supported assets are displayed. Unsupported assets inside the ZIP are ignored and not listed. However, if the ZIP archive contains only the unsupported assets, an error message is displayed instead of the pop-up dialog.
To upload a form or a related asset:

  1. Log in to your AEM Forms instance.

  2. Select Adobe Experience Manager adobeexperiencemanager icon > Navigation compass icon > Forms > Forms & Documents.

  3. Select Create > File Upload. A dialog box appears.

  4. In the dialog box, browse and select the package or the archive to import. You can also select other supported file types. Select Open. The folder or the file name that you select must not include any special characters.

    On the dialog box, verify the details of assets being uploaded, and select Upload.

    In case, you upload an existing forms asset, the asset gets updated.

    • When a name conflict with different resource types, uploading a package does not replace the existing folder hierarchy. For example, If you have an Adaptive Form named ‘Training’ at location /content/dam/formsanddocuments on one server. You download the Adaptive Form and upload the form on another server. The second server also has a folder with the name ‘Training’ at the same location /content/dam/formsanddocuments. The upload fails.
    • Only a member of the form-power-user group can upload XDP files.

Download a theme

You can export themes in AEM Forms that you can use in other projects or instances. AEM lets you download themes as a zip file, that you can upload on the instance.

To download a theme:

  1. Log in to your AEM Forms instance.
  2. Select Adobe Experience Manager adobeexperiencemanager icon > Navigation compass icon > Forms > Themes.
  3. Select the theme and select Download. The theme is downloaded as an archive (.zip file).

Upload a theme

You can upload and use themes that others create in your forms. To upload a theme:

  1. In Experience Manager, navigate to Forms > Themes.
  2. On the Themes page, click Create > File Upload.
  3. In the File Upload prompt, browse and select a theme package on your computer and click Upload. The uploaded theme is available on the themes page.

Export a workflow application

You can use the package manager to export workflow applications. The procedure is as listed below:

  1. Open AEM Forms package manager. URL of package manager is https://[server]:[port]/crx/packmgr.

  2. Click Create Package. The New Package dialog box appears.

  3. Specify the name, version, and group for the package. Click OK.

  4. Click Edit and open the Filters tab. Click Add Filter. Specify the path of the workflow application. For example, /etc/fd/dashboard/startpoints/homemortgage. Click Add rule.

  5. Open the Advanced tab. Select Merge or Overwrite in ACL Handling field. Click Save.

  6. Click Build to create the package.

    After the package is built, you can download the package and import it to the other server. The workflow application appears on the server where the package is uploaded.


    For the workflow application to work properly, also export the corresponding Adaptive Form and workflow model with the work application.

Use folders to organize Adaptive Forms, PDF forms, and related assets

You can uses folders to arrange and organize assets. Organizing documents and assets in a folder allow you to group the files for easy management. You can select a folder and choose to download or delete it. To create a folder, complete the following steps:

Create a folder

  1. Log in to your AEM Forms instance.

  2. Select Experience Manager adobeexperiencemanager icon > navigation compass icon> Forms > Forms & Documents.

  3. Select Create > Folder.

  4. Enter the following details:

    • Title: Display name for the folder
    • Name: (Mandatory) The node name under which you want to store the folder in the repository

    By default, the value of the name field is automatically populated from the title. The name can only contain alphanumeric characters, or the hyphen (-) and underscore (_) special characters. Any other special characters entered in the title are automatically replaced with a hyphen and you are prompted to confirm the new name. You can choose to continue with the suggested name or edit it further.

  5. A new folder with the title you defined is displayed at the current location in the asset listing.

    If a folder exists with the name specified, the submission fails with an error. You can view the error message by hovering over the error aem6forms_error_alert icon that appears beside the name field.

    You can select the created folder to go inside the folder and create assets or folders within the folder. Further, you can select a folder and choose to queue it for download, delete it, or edit its name.

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