Get started using Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials

Managing your digital assets using Assets Essentials requires only three simple steps:

To use Assets Essentials, log in at When logging in, select Company or School Account. To receive access, contact your organization’s administrator.

In addition, more reference information that can be helpful is understanding of the user interface, list of use cases, and known issues.

Receive access to Assets Essentials

Adobe provisions the solution and adds the designated person from your organization as an administrator. The administrators can provide access to various users from the organization by using Admin Console. For requests related to your access, contact your organization’s administrator.

When logging in, after providing the credentials, Assets Essentials prompts you to select an account. In this case, select Company or School Account to proceed.

Configure Assets Essentials

To open preferences, click on the avatar in the upper-right corner of the user interface. You can switch between the light and the dark themes in the solution preferences.

If you are part of different organizations, you can also change the organization and access your accounts across various organizations.

To change your Experience Cloud preferences, Click Preferences.

Preference to switch dark and light theme

Assets Essentials use cases

The various digital asset management (DAM) tasks that you can accomplish using Assets Essentials are below.

User tasks Functionality and how-to information
Browse and view assets
Add new assets
Update assets or related information
Edit assets
Search for assets in the repository
Download assets
Metadata operations
Integration with other solutions

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