Unknown devices

When a person has devices that are not used to interact with your brand, those devices are called unknown devices.

Unknown device categories

There are several ways or categories by which a device may be considered “unknown” to you. These include:

  • First-party visits to other Device Co-op members: Visits to other Device Co-op member sites or advertising to a device does not, by itself, make a device known to your brand.

  • Not tracked ad inventory: Advertising inventory that is available, but not yet served or ingested does not make a device known to your brand.

  • Consumer opt-out: To respect consumer desire, devices that have been opted-out are not considered known devices.

Unlike known devices, unknown devices are not linked to other devices or associated with individual people.

Rules for setting known/unknown status

The Device Graph tries to be inclusive as possible when classifying devices as known compared to unknown. The rules that help determine known/unknown status work in priority order (1 is highest) as shown below:

  • Rule 1: Is the device opted-out? If yes, then the device is unknown.

  • Rule 2: Is the device known by any method? If yes, then the device is known.

  • **Rule 3: ** If the previous do not apply, the device is unknown.

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