Creative Cloud for enterprise quick reference guides

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As an enterprise creative, you must collaborate with distributed teams, establish scalable processes, and comply with corporate systems and guidelines. These quick reference guides help you learn new features in Creative Cloud.

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Creative Cloud for enterprise

Getting Started with Cloud Documents Create a document from one device, and continue working with it on another. Learn to move your documents into the cloud and access then whenever, or wherever you want
Scan, Share, and Review PDFs with Creative Cloud Learn to capture, crop, and convert a paper form into a fully functional PDF file using Adobe Scan and Document Cloud — then use Acrobat to fill, sign, and share your info
Shoot, Edit, Publish your Photos with Creative Cloud Explore the amazing features of Lightroom on your mobile device to bring out the best in your images
Sketch, Comp, and Finalize a Brochure Layout with Creative Cloud Quickly explore layout ideas for print, web, mobile, or social on your mobile device with Adobe Comp



Create, Edit and Share a Web Page with Spark Create an interactive, responsive, and lightbox-enabled photo grid for your web page using simple, and intuitive, tools in Adobe Spark and beautiful images from Adobe Stock



Decoding the alphabet soup of graphic formats JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and EPS files are all commonly used in design, some for web pages, others for presentations, publications, and creative projects. But what do they mean, and which should you pick?
Anyone can be creative with Creative Cloud Follow along with this quick technique that shows you how to bring out the best in any photograph using the Camera RAW Filter
Creating Cinemagraphs with Photoshop Create a living photograph by combining video from Adobe Stock with clever masking techniques in Photoshop. Bring your images to life with motion and a strategic loop point
Create Jaw-Dropping Graphics with Photoshop + After Effects Use a common video technique, in After Effects, to quickly remove a background color in a photograph in order to create a unique photo composite for your design projects
Get to know Photoshop on the iPad Bring the power of Photoshop to your fingertips with a re-engineered touch-based interface


Try your hand at Fresco on the iPad (and iPhone) Explore a whole new world of digital drawing and painting with Adobe Fresco in this 15-minute hands-on workshop



Adobe XD: Advanced Voice Prototyping Create an interactive prototype that can respond to click, touch, and audio input from your users
Coediting: Real-Time Design Collaboration Using Adobe XD Learn to collaborate over an interactive prototype with your colleagues, clients, and developer with the one-of-a-kind sharing tools built-in to Adobe XD and Creative Cloud
Design and Prototype Interactive Projects with Creative Cloud Create a fully interactive, and animated, user experience in just a few minutes by combining Adobe XD with a wide range of unique and versatile assets on Adobe Stock
Let’s XD – See How to Design, Prototype, and Handoff to Teams Components give you unprecedented flexibility for applying both speed and consistency to your design workflow



Create Unique Graphics by Combining Adobe Stock Images Combine images together from Adobe Stock to create an entirely new image for your design projects
Enhance Your Portfolio with Unique Projects and Adobe Stock Combine images together from Adobe Stock to create an entirely new image for your design projects
Get More Attention with Motion from Adobe Stock Capture the attention of your audiences, on any screen, by combining photography with video from Adobe Stock
Showcase your data with Adobe Stock Motion Graphic Templates Represent your data in a more influential way by adding motion and design with a Motion Graphic Template from Adobe Stock
Show Off Your Design Work in the Real World Learn to mock-up your design work with real world templates from Adobe Stock
Tips for Creating Animation in Email with Adobe Stock Combine static images and video together in Photoshop to create a compelling Animated GIF for your campaign that’s suitable for a wide range of customer email applications


Creating beautiful typography with Creative Cloud Capture interesting fonts in the real world using Adobe Capture on your mobile device, then identify and activate and save similar fonts using Adobe Fonts and Creative Cloud libraries



Create a composite using images and shapes with Illustrator for iPad Illustrator gives you the ability to style artwork in much the same way you style your text
Responsive and Animated SVG with XD, Illustrator, and CSS Add some animation to your SVG files with just a few lines of CSS


Creating Realistic 3D Mock-ups with Adobe Stock and Dimension See how your design translates to real-world objects by combining 3D models from Adobe Stock with custom decals in Dimension
Skip the Shoot — Get the Shot Customize and brand a 3D model in Dimension using materials, environmental properties, lighting, and photography, to create photo-realistic imagery for any design project


Create Animations in Real Time with Character Animator Use your face to create an expressive animation with Character Animator
Intro to Animation with After Effects Create an animated composite by combining video with graphics and text in After Effects
Premiere Pro for Designers Tell a compelling story on social media by combining video and graphics in Premiere Pro
Shoot, Edit, Publish your Photos with Creative Cloud Combine videos and motion graphics together in order to tell a compelling story for social media with easy-to-use editing tools and Motion Graphic Templates in Premiere Rush


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