Change Admin URL on Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure

Last update: 2023-07-21

By default, the Commerce Admin URL is set to <domain_name>/admin. This article shows how to change the URL.

Method 1: Change using the Admin

Read the steps: Using a Custom Admin URL > Change from the Admin in our user guide.

Method 2: Add ADMIN_URL environment variable

Integration environment

From your Project Web Interface, add a new variable with:

Name: ADMIN_URL Value: new Admin URL

When Staging and Production are not available in Project Web Interface

Submit a support ticket requesting to add the ADMIN_URL variable for your Staging or Production environment.

If Staging and Production are accessible from your Project Web Interface, add the Environment Variable as described in the Integration environment section above.

Add variables using Cloud CLI

See Add environment variables in our developer documentation for detailed steps.

We don’t recommend adding global variables via Cloud CLI (the magento-cloud project:variable:set <name> <value> command) since such global variables:

  • get inherited by your Staging/Production environments (if these are included in your Project Web Interface)
  • trigger the undesired redeploy process on all branches/environments of your project

We recommend adding environment variables for every branch/environment using the magento-cloud variable:set command.

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