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Last update: 2023-11-29
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B2B for Adobe Commerce feature Exclusive feature available only with B2B for Adobe Commerce

To access the store configuration settings, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration from the Admin sidebar.


With the installation and enablement of B2B for Adobe Commerce, the buying experience can be personalized with company-specific features. B2B for Adobe Commerce is an integrated solution that supports both B2B and B2C models. For more information about the B2B features, see the B2B for Adobe Commerce User Guide.

B2B Features

B2B Features

Field Scope Description
Enable Company Website When enabled, allows customers to manage their company assignment from their account dashboard, and also enables the Shared Catalog and B2B Quote features by default. Options: Yes / No
Enable Quick Order Website When enabled, allows customers and guests to quickly place orders based on SKU or product name. Options: Yes / No
Enable Requisition List Website When enabled, allows customers to create and manage requisition lists from their account dashboard.

B2B Features with companies and shared catalogs enabled

When the Company feature is enabled, additional fields are available for Shared Catalog and B2B Quote.

Field Scope Description
Enable Shared Catalog Website When enabled, makes it possible to create curated catalogs with custom pricing that are available either globally, or limited to specific companies. Options: Yes / No
Enable Shared Catalog direct products price assigning Website When the Enable Shared Catalog field is set to Yes, this option is available. When enabled, only products that are assigned to a shared catalog are stored in the price index. Products that are not assigned to the shared catalog are not displayed on the storefront. Options: Yes / No
Enable B2B Quote Website When enabled, allows company buyers to submit a request for a quote from the shopping cart. Options: Yes / No

Default B2B Payment Methods

B2B configuration - default payment method settings

Field Scope Description
Applicable Payment Methods Global Determines the selection of payment methods that are available to B2B buyers. Options: All Payment Methods / Specific Payment Methods
Payment Methods Global Specifies each payment method that is available to B2B buyers.

Default B2B Shipping Methods

B2B configuration - default shipping methods

Field Scope Description
Applicable Shipping Methods Global Determines the selection of shipping methods that are available by default to B2B buyers. Options: All Shipping Methods / Specific Shipping Methods
Shipping Methods Global Specifies each shipping method that is available by default to B2B buyers.
Note: You can also limit the shipping methods for a specific company account.

Order Approval Configuration

B2B Features - Order Approval Configuration

Field Scope Description
Enable Purchase Orders Website When enabled, allows companies to create purchase orders. Options: Yes / No

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