Deploy a custom application

To deploy your application, use aio app deploy command. In the terminal, the command displays a URL to access the custom application. The URL is of the format https://[namespace][appname]-[appversion]/[workername].

To get the same URL without redeploying the application, use aio app get-url command.

Use the URL in a Processing Profile in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service to integrate your application with Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Ensure that your App Builder project and workspace correspond to the Experience Manager as a Cloud Service environment where you want to use your action. It has different environments for development, staging, and production. You can verify the environment by checking AIO_runtime_* credentials that are defined inside your ENV file in the root of your Firefly application. For example, to deploy to a Stage workspace, the AIO_runtime_namespace is of the format xxxxxx_xxxxxxxxx_stage. To integrate with Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Production environment, use application URLs from your Firefly Production workspace.


Do not use a personal workspace on critical Experience Manager environments.

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