Introduction to extensibility introduction-to-extensibilty

Many rendition requirements such as converting to formats and resizing images are addressed by Processing Profiles in Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. More complex business requirements may need a custom-created solution that suits an organization’s needs. Asset Compute Service can be extended by creating custom applications that are called from Processing Profiles in Experience Manager. These custom applications cater to the supported use cases.

Asset Compute Service is available only for use with Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

The custom applications are headless Adobe Developer App Builder apps. Extending Asset Compute Service with custom applications is made simple through the Asset Compute SDK and Adobe Developer App Builder developer tooling. This allows developers to focus on business logic. Creating custom applications is as simple as creating a plain serverless Adobe I/O Runtime action. It is a single Node.js JavaScript function. The basic custom application example illustrates it.

Prerequisites and provisioning requirements prerequisites-and-provisioning

Ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Adobe Developer App Builder tools are installed on your machine.
  • An Experience Cloud organization. More information here.
  • The Experience Organization must have Experience Manager as a Cloud Service enabled.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud organization is part of the Adobe Developer App Builder developer preview program. See how to apply for access.
  • Ensure a developer role or administrator permissions in the organization for the developer.
  • Ensure that Adobe I/O CLI is installed locally.