About Asset Compute Service

Asset Compute Service is a scalable and extensible service of Adobe Experience Cloud to process digital assets. It can transform image, video, document, and other file formats into different renditions including thumbnails, extracted text and metadata, archives and more. Developers have the ability to plugin custom applications (also called custom workers) to address custom use cases, built using Adobe Developer App Builder and running in serverless Adobe I/O Runtime.

This documentation covers Asset Compute Service topics such as how to develop, manage, deploy, and troubleshoot your custom code. To know what an Asset Compute Service is, go to this introduction. See also what the service can do for you.

Asset Compute Service supports conversion of many file formats and integrates with many Adobe services. See the list of supported file formats and integration services.

See an overview about asset microservices capabilities available in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service and how to use the microservices in Experience Manager.

Asset Compute Service extensibility is developed under an open development model on github.com/adobe that welcomes contributions from extension developers. All the components that are relevant to develop, create, testing, and deploy custom applications are open source. See how and where to contribute to Compute Service.