Current Adobe Analytics release notes (October/November 2023)

Last update: 2023-11-10
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Last update: October 25, 2023

These release notes cover the release period of October 23, 2023 to end of November, 2023. Adobe Analytics releases operate on a continuous delivery model which allows for a more scalable, phased approach to feature deployment. Accordingly, these release notes get updated several times a month. Please check them regularly.

New features or enhancements

Feature Description Rollout starts General Availability
Reporting Activity Manager enhancements The Reporting Activity Manager lets you see the reporting capacity for each report suite in your organization. It provides administrators with detailed visibility into reporting consumption in order to easily diagnose and fix capacity issues during peak reporting times. Following are some of the enhancements now available in the Reporting Activity Manager:
  • Restrict subsequent requests: In addition to canceling current requests, administrators can now restrict requests for a defined time period. Administrators can restrict requests by Request, Project, and User.
  • In addition to Utilization and Capacity metrics, the Reporting Activity Manager now includes more data about reporting activity: Complexity column, User column, and Connection column.
  • All cancelations and restrictions made in the Reporting Activity manager are now visible in the Audit Log. Administrators can use the Audit Log to view what is currently canceled. Cancelations cannot be reversed in the Reporting Activity Manager or in the Audit Log.

For more information, see Reporting Activity Manager overview

October 17, 2023 October 24, 2023
Data Warehouse improvements When creating a Data Warehouse request, you can now configure a cloud account to use as the report destination. The following cloud account types are available for sending data:
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure SAS
  • Azure RBAC
  • Email (this option was previously available)
FTP, SFTP, Azure Blob, and S3 are still available as report destinations, but are no longer recommended.

The user experience when creating and managing Data Warehouse requests has also been improved. For more information, see Create a Data Warehouse request and Manage Data Warehouse requests.

September 12, 2023 TBD

Fixes in Adobe Analytics

  • These Analytics Processing and Reporting Engine changes will be deployed during the last week of October: we will fix an issue where the labels for Page or Link dimensions were incorrectly showing as Unknown. Prior to the fix, the Unknown labels may have shown up incorrectly when a Page Name or Link Name was not passed in on a hit, defaulting to Page URL and Link URL, respectively. These dimensions were configured to be case insensitive. With this fix, reports going forward will be correct. But for reports on historic data, some report results may still be incorrectly labeled as Unknown. (AN-328030)

Other fixes

AN-315676; AN-323398; AN-326209; AN-328178; AN-328261; AN-328395; AN-328671; AN-329282; AN-329330; AN-329355; AN-329506; AN-329516; AN-329738; AN-329769; AN-329771; AN-329816; AN-329877; AN-329928; AN-329957; AN-329962; AN-329966; AN-330023; AN-330081; AN-330083; AN-330105; AN-330138; AN-330140; AN-330165; AN-330241; AN-330359; AN-330366; AN-330427; AN-330438; AN-330442; AN-330534; AN-330616; AN-330654; AN-330783; AN-330879; AN-330881; AN-330883; AN-330887; AN-330888; AN-330955; AN-330979; AN-331031; AN-331053; AN-331068; AN-331071; AN-331074; AN-331075; AN-331076; AN-331078; AN-331085; AN-331093; AN-331167; AN-331171; AN-331181; AN-331196; AN-331226; AN-331258; AN-331260; AN-331279; AN-331286; AN-331290; AN-331365; AN-331375; AN-331376; AN-331454; AN-331519; AN-331570; AN-331590; AN-331593; AN-331603; AN-331751; AN-331816; AN-331897; AN-331900; AN-331906; AN-331926; AN-331929; AN-332031; AN-332067; AN-332101; AN-332114; AN-332156; AN-332201; AN-332225; AN-332253; AN-332277; AN-332361; AN-332370; AN-332386

Important notices for Adobe Analytics administrators

Notice Date Added or Updated Description
Full IP obfuscation for Adobe Experience Edge hits September 27, 2023 IP obfuscation for hits coming from Experience Edge will be updated later in October 2023. In April 2023, Experience Edge added the ability to obfuscate IP addresses. At that time, Adobe Analytics only supported partial obfuscation of IPs, due to the way Analytics processes hits from Experience Edge. When customers chose full obfuscation for Experience Edge, Analytics only received partially obfuscated IPs. When this change is implemented, Analytics will receive the fully obfuscated IP.
Adobe Analytics Livestream - Analytics 2.0 APIs September 27, 2023 Customers can now access the Endpoint guide for Adobe Analytics Livestream under the Adobe Analytics 2.0 APIs instead in its previous location, with the 1.4 APIs. Note that customers using Adobe I/O JWT credentials must migrate to Adobe I/O OAuth Server-to-Server credentials by January 1, 2025. (See details under EOL notices below.)

End-of-life (EOL) notices

EOL Product or Feature Date added or updated Description
Migration to Adobe I/O OAuth Server-to-Server credentials May 11, 2023 Adobe Analytics API and Livestream customers using Adobe I/O JWT credentials must migrate to Adobe I/O OAuth Server-to-Server credentials by January 1, 2025. Adobe I/O will not allow new JWT credentials to be created beginning May 1, 2024. Customers using JWT must create a new OAuth Server-to-Server credential or migrate their existing JWT credential to an OAuth Server-to-Server credential. Customers must also update their client applications to use the new OAuth Server-to-Server credentials.
EOL for Reports & Analytics March 7, 2023 Effective December 31, 2023, Adobe intends to discontinue Reports & Analytics and its accompanying reports and features. The reports, visualizations, and underlying technology that power Reports & Analytics no longer meet Adobe’s technology standards. Most Reports & Analytics features are available in Analysis Workspace. Since the release of Analysis Workspace in 2015, Reports & Analytics functionality and capabilities have been moved to Analysis Workspace and a threshold of workflow parity has been reached. This notice explains the end-of-life process.

On December 31, 2023, we will terminate many of the associated Reports & Analytics features, including, but not limited to: Scheduled Reports, Data Extracts, and DL Reports. After Dec 31, 2023, any scheduled reports will no longer be sent. In April 2023, any reports that were scheduled to expire beyond Dec 31, 2023, were automatically updated and reverted to expire on Dec 31, 2023. In addition, you can no longer schedule future reports beyond December 31, 2023.

EOL of Publishing Lists feature September 29, 2022 As part of the EOL of Reports & Analytics, Publishing Lists are slated to reach end-of-life in December 2023. You will not be able to create new or access existing Publishing Lists to send or schedule Analysis Workspace projects.
EOL for Data Workbench September 14, 2022 Adobe intends to end-of-life Data Workbench effective December 31, 2023. See Data Workbench end-of-life announcement for details. Contact your organization’s Adobe Account Manager with any questions.


For the latest updates on AppMeasurement releases (Version 2.25.0), please refer to AppMeasurement for JavaScript release notes.

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